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Leadership as an Art
A quote about leadership as an art.
Tent Duty
We seldom know in advance what God is going to do with our experience of “tent duty” — those times of seemingly wasted faithful service and waiting. Often, the work God does is subterranean and mysterious.
Leadership that Inspires
The truths we hold would stop people's hearts with delight if they could really take it in all at once. Leading is an exercise in changing perspective, of drawing on what people already know in order to show it to them from a different angle.
Our Core Commitments: Leadership Development
We want to be kingdom-oriented, not self-oriented, leaders
A small-group leader apprentice program
InterVarsity at U. of Nevada–Reno has introduced an Apprentice Program for young and inexperienced students to learn what it means to be a Bible study leader.
Anything Worth Doing is Worth Doing Poorly
Sometimes perfectionism bogs us down. Here's how to keep yourself from being overwhelmed by the negative, nagging voices in your head.
Why am I Here?
You are on campus for a lot more reasons than you might think!
What's God Doing Here?
Quote from past InterVarsity president, Steve Hayner
How to Keep Those Leadership Meetings Alive
What can we do to promote community in the exec and, at the same time, get all the business items taken care of?
Getting Ready for a Business Meeting (Sidebar)
Sidebar to How to Keep Those Leadership Meetings Alive. InterVarsity chapter business meetings can be well-run and fruitful.
Divide and Conquer (Sidebar)
Sidebar to How to Keep Those Leadership Meetings Alive. Ideas for the best time to schedule meetings
I'm Tired of Hating Sundays
If you dread Sundays instead of finding them restful, this article is for you.
Too Busy for a Break?
Sidebar to "I'm Tired of Hating Sundays": Questions to help you change your responses to your given realities.
Where Does Your Time Fly?
How can you become free from the tyranny of the urgent?
Entering God's Rest While Entering His Work
Don't take on the burdens that Jesus hasn't asked you to carry.
Embracing Criticism
What do you do when someone surprises you with harsh words of correction?
Lessons on Sin from Adam Sandler
When our Christian friends mess up big time, what should we do? Read about this Christian who wanted to teach her friends a lesson, but instead learned a greater lesson herself.
As the Pendulum Swings
InterVarsity president Steve Hayner shares insights on planning and leading
All Leaders Are Different
Sidebar to "As the Pendulum Swings"
The Leadership Equation
The world is filled with ideas about what a real leader is, but most of them are dead wrong. Here is a different view.
The Lost Art of Lingering
Don't apply the "cheap and easy" mentality of consumerism to relationships with God and each other.
Is Your Small Group Snagged?
Sidebar to "The Care and Feeding of Faculty Advisers": Evaluating your small group
Winding it up: finishing a small-group meeting
How thoroughly should you summarize your small-group discussion? Not very. Let people go home with their hearts and thoughts churning.
Renewing our Basis of Faith
Read an interview with InterVarsity President, Steve Hayner, to find out why InterVarsity adopted a new doctrinal statement.
Our New Doctrinal Basis
InterVarsity’s new statement of faith with commentary by Kevin Offner.
Collective Action: Cooperative outreach among Christian groups at NYU
How God revitalized the outreach ministry of NYU's campus.
Measuring Success
Sidebar to Collective Action: Five questions that will help determine how successful your outreach ministry is.
Baby Steps: Overcoming Fears in Racial Reconciliation
Racial reconciliation at Purdue University
Freshman Life Revisited
Why one small-group leader moved back into the dorms
What Freshmen Wish Upperclassmen Would Remember About Their First Year
Remember how lonely it can be as a freshman on a new campus? Rewind your own college tape and remember how you wanted to be treated.
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