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Being A Good Small-Group Member

Are you a good small-group member?


Small-group members are just as important to the success of a small group as good leadership. Here are a few questions small-group members can ask themselves as they think about their participation so far this year (pass these along to your group):

  • Do I prepare well before we meet (prayer, Bible study passage)?

  • Do I come with an expectant attitude, willing to learn from others?

  • Do I really listen to others in my group? Do I give full attention to the discussion?

  • Am I sensitive to how others feel about the things they are talking about?

  • Do I monopolize the group, or speak too little? Are my comments relevant to the discussion at hand?

  • Do I help when a problem arises, either by offering a good question, a reference to what we have studied before or a thoughtful response to another person? Or do I feel critical and do nothing?

  • Am I honest about myself and my thinking? Or do I simply say what I think the group expects to hear?

  • Do I help the discussion stay on topic and help maintain the groupís purpose?

  • Do I look for applications for my own thinking and action?

  • Do I encourage others and pray for others in their various ministries from week to week?

  • Do I accept encouragement from others in the group? Do I share my successes and failures with others in the group?

óAdapted from The Small Group Letter, volume 1, issue 10.


Posted on: Feb 1, 2002
Last modified on: Jan 9, 2007

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